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How to choose a Safe and healthy weight loss after delivery

How to choose a Safe and healthy weight loss after delivery The arrival of a newborn is undoubtedly the most joyful moment in a woman’s life. However, with the changes that their body goes through, the emotions can be mixed. A lot of women are concerned about the weight they put on during their pregnancy. Consulting with your gynecologist in New Delhi about safe weight loss after delivery is a wise choice.

Women put on considerable weight during pregnancy. If studies are to be believed, women usually hold on to a few kilos of weight postpartum. Almost one-quarter of women retain 5 or more kilos for at least a year after they give birth. While this much weight doesn’t seem to be excessive, the weight can add up if a woman gives birth in the future or gains more weight due to other reasons.

If you hold on to the weight you gained during pregnancy, it can result in some serious consequences for your health in the future. More weight increases your risk for developing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. You must lose your pregnancy weight, not just for you but also for your baby. If you have a baby in the future with higher weight, you put both yourself and your baby at risk for complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes. Ideally, you should plan to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight within 6-12 months after your delivery. In most cases, women tend to lose half their pregnancy weight by six weeks postpartum. You lose the rest of the weight over the next months. Having a healthy diet and exercising daily is the recommended way of shedding weight. Even breastfeeding promotes loss of weight postpartum.

Take your time Recovering from childbirth takes time. If you choose a good hospital for baby delivery, they will likely assist you with your postpartum recovery as well. If you try to lose weight too early after giving birth to your child, you will take longer to recover. You should take at least 6 weeks before you try to slim down. Particularly, if you are breastfeeding, you need to wait for your baby to be at least a couple of months old. Your milk supply should be normalized before you take drastic measures to cut calories.

• Ideally, your aim should be to lose around a half or one kilo every week. The best way to do so is to eat healthy foods. Once your healthcare provider clears you to perform regular physical activities, you should start adding exercises to your routine bit by bit.

• If you are breastfeeding exclusively, you will need around 500 calories more per day as compared to your caloric requirement before pregnancy. You should get these additional calories from healthy sources like vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains.

• Avoid dropping below your minimum caloric requirement for the sake of weight loss.

Breastfeeding You must lose weight gradually if you are breastfeeding. Losing weight too rapidly can affect your milk production. If you lose approximately 670 grams of weight a week, it should affect your health or your milk supply. When you breastfeed, your body burns calories, which helps lose weight. You just need to be patient enough and you will realize on your own how much weight you can naturally lose while breastfeeding.

Eat properly The following are some tips for eating healthy that will help you safely lose weight.

• Avoid skipping mills. Many new mothers usually forget to eat because they are too busy taking care of their newborn. When you don’t eat, you have less energy, which doesn’t help with the weight loss process. • Instead of three large meals a day, it is better to eat 5-6 meals a day with healthy snacks in between. • Having breakfast is essential. If you don’t have the habit of earning in the morning, you need to develop the habit. Having a healthy breakfast provides you the energy to begin your day and prevents tiredness later in the day. • Eat slowly. It is easier to realize when you are full if you take your time while eating. You may be tempted to multitask, but focusing on your meals makes you less likely to eat excessively. • For your snacks, try including foods that have sufficient protein and fiber content to keep you full. • You should also drink a minimum of 12 cups of fluid per day. A good habit is to keep a bottle of water near the place where you usually feed your baby. • Try to limit fluids with added calories and sugar, such as sodas and juices. These can prevent the loss of weight. Products having artificial sweeteners should also be avoided. • Always prefer whole fruit rather than fruit juices. You must always take fruit juices in moderation as they can add up to extra calories. • Avoid fried foods and choose baked or boiled foods. • Limit the intake of sugar, sweets, Trans fats, and saturated fat.

Exercising The best way of losing weight is by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise. When you exercise, you lose fat rather than muscles. When you start with your weight loss, you should reduce your food intake and increase your mobility little by little each day. You may be tempted to push yourself for losing weight rapidly, but that isn’t healthy for your body. There is no need for overdoing things.

Stay realistic Lastly, a bit of important advice to remember is that you should be realistic. There is a chance that you may not return exactly the shape you were before pregnancy. Likewise, your recovery should be your priority rather than rapid weight loss. With premium birthing in Delhi, you are less likely to experience complications during delivery that will prevent you from losing weight later on. You need to accept the fact that pregnancy can cause lasting changes in your body. It is normal to have a soft belly, large waistline, and wide hips after childbirth. Being realistic with your goals is always advisable.


Dr. Ram Gopal Holla

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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