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How Stressful Are Online Classes For Kids?

Worried about screens stressing your child? Here are some things you can do to allay your worries Gone are the days of early morning school runs, dabbas at dawn, chalkboards and classrooms - at least for now. As schools continue to remain shut, online learning has provided teachers, parents and children with a worthwhile alternative to traditional techniques. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to learning on the laptop. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) recommends 30 hours of screen time for pre-primary students. In reality, however, many schools are exceeding the designated time restriction and students are being exposed to way more screen time than considered healthy. Worried about your child’s screen time? Looking for a children’s specialist in Hyderabad? Schedule an appointment with a specialist at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, home to the best pediatricians in Hyderabad Stressful effects of too much screen time Excessive screen time can give rise to headaches, eye and ear strain, upper back pain, inordinate weight gain and fitful sleep, in addition to stimulating feelings of anxiety and loneliness in the current climate. Some kids might vent out these emotions in the way of thumb-sucking, nail-biting and shows of aggression. If you’re worried about your child falling prey to too much screen stress, here are some tips to strike the balance. Upgrade your internet connection A reliable internet connection can ensure that your child stays connected to school throughout the day. Constant log-outs due to poor bandwidth can break your child’s train of thought and cause them to miss out on important activities. Designate a separate laptop for your child or, if that’s not an option, rearrange your schedule to let your laptop be available during school hours. Also, opt for a trusted internet provider and an adequate bandwidth to cut out the unnecessary extra stress of internet outages. Eliminate the noise The hum of the television or the whistle of the pressure cooker can serve as distractions for little minds. Be sure to locate your child’s workstation in a quiet spot, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. By a window in the bedroom, for instance, can make for a conducive environment to study. Also, it’s important to institute decorum among family members while online school is on. By keeping the sound to a bare minimum and respecting your child’s pace and privacy, you can make certain that your child’s learning is not in vain. Offer some space If you’re the sort to hover over your child when it comes time for online school, take a step back. Encroaching on your child’s personal space can trigger anxiety. Instead of compulsively monitoring your child’s lessons, or refusing to leave the room when classes are on, trust your child’s teacher to champion the teaching. If you are concerned or curious about your child’s understanding, quiz your child later on things they might have missed. You can also speak to your child’s teacher privately on how your child is responding to online school. Respect your child’s teachers Just like you have no say in how a teacher takes classes at school, consider it out of your purview to govern how they take them online. Remember that online schooling is new to many teachers, and there are bound to be niggling issues in the beginning. By honoring your child’s teachers, your child will learn to mirror your thoughts and actions and be more likely to perform better. Balance indoor and outdoor play With social distancing, your child is likely more cooped up indoors than ever before, causing them to feel restless, suffocated or just plain frustrated. Be sure to do aerobic and outdoor activities that your child enjoys. Swimming, cycling, trekking and lazy days in the park can be wonderfully rewarding for the whole family. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, our child specialists are regarded among the best pediatricians in Hyderabad. If you’re worried about your child, choose to consult one of our pediatrician to get the answers you need. Looking for a children’s specialist in Hyderabad? Book an appointment with one of the best pediatricians in Hyderabad at Rainbow Children’s Hospital.


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