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Fateh: Our Little Conqueror Celebrates His Healthy First Birthday

From being on a high-frequency ventilator and oxygen support to blowing candles on his first birthday, Fateh's story inspires many. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Rainbow Hospital has handled many critical cases of premature births successfully since its inception but Fateh was a unique case of premature delivery. Gurmeen Kaur, the mother, had severe hypertension during the course of her pregnancy. This led her to have an early delivery of her son at 27 weeks with a birth weight of only 709 grams. Unlike other extremely premature and extremely low birth weight babies, Fateh needed very high ventilator support (high frequency ventilator) for more than 3 weeks and was put on oxygen for many days. He went through episodes of infections, feed intolerance and multiple blood transfusions. Tireless efforts and positive attitude of parents, encouraged doctors and the nursing staff to do their best. Nurses used to say, “Fateh is born warrior”. After four months of relentless efforts put in by the whole team of NICU, Banjara Hills at Rainbow Hospital, baby Fateh regained health and vitality. He weighed 2 kgs at the time of discharge from the hospital with no comorbidities and developmentally appropriate for gestation. You can see Fateh's photographs after he was discharged from the hospital. Today, Fateh is a healthy one-year-old toddler and is fit as a fiddle! His mother, Gurmeen, is also leading a healthy life and while celebrating Fateh's first birthday in good health and sense says: “We are able to witness this day because of Dr. Nitasha Bagga and her team. We and our families are grateful to all the doctors and nursing staff who took such good care of the little one that we will be forever indebted to them”. Doctors, staff, and management at Rainbow Hospital wish Fateh and his mother very good luck in their journey ahead in life! May God bless baby Fateh with sound health and vigor!

Dr. Nitasha Bagga

Consultant - Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills