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Dear Women – It’s Time to Pee in Peace

You talk to any woman in India (and other places for that matter) and she will have a horror story about the lack of clean toilets –when there are toilets—whether it’s on a train or on a drive along a highway or even in their local cities.

Now some entrepreneurial spirits have spotted the market opportunity and have come up with a few products to help women pee in hygienic circumstances. Rosewalk’s Twinkle Jindal, Head – Learning & Development, reviews these products:

PEE BUDDY I discovered pee buddy on the counter of a popular late night shopping mart. It said in big bold letters “FREEDOM TO STAND AND PEE” and I thought to myself, how many times have I thought of this? Not because I would like to identify myself with the opposite gender, but because of the need to answer nature’s call and the inability to find a clean and hygienic restroom while I am traveling.

I grabbed the slim green box and tore it open the minute I got into my car to see what was inside: three slim paper-like, cardboard structures that were triangular in shape. They came with an added extension that, as per the instructions, I had to hold up against myself when I had to go.

Having used Pee Buddy for over six months, I can say that it is easy to use and dispose of in a regular bin. That said, it takes a little getting used to in order to aim correctly when you have a full bladder.

It’s been a life saver. I’ve had terrible unitary tract infection twice as I’ve held my pee instead of using an unhygienic restroom. This is the reality for many women. But I seem to have finally found the answer to my cries of desperation through those exasperatingly long traffic jams and travel journeys.

PEE SAFE A few months ago while having drinks with friends I found myself mentally calculating how many drinks before I couldn’t control my bladder anymore and had to use the restroom. It hit me how unfair that was—this was before I had discovered Pee Buddy—and began venting my horror stories about using public restrooms and how my fear of contracting UTI or some god forsaken skin disease would either deter me from going to one or I would end up painstakingly spending five minutes carefully creating a fortress of tissue paper all around the seat.

My friend recommended that I try Pee Safe—a germicide that you need to lightly spray onto the toilet seat and let dry for ten seconds before you have to go. When I run out of Pee Buddy, the Pee Safe bottle is my go to solution. It’s a small 75ml spray bottle that can easily settle in a medium sized bag. It’s convenient even when you can’t find enough tissues, and resolves the fear of contracting a disease. Here are the Prices Below (On Amazon):

Pee Buddy – 5 Funnel Pack is INR 168 Pee Safe – 75 ml spray is INR 180 ROSEWALK TEAM

Dr. Swati Sinha

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Panchsheel Park