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Blood bank services in Hyderabad- what all to know

Blood can be a life saviour. However, it is not always available readily. That is why you need Blood Bank services, especially if the patient is a child who is in urgent need of blood and is admitted to a pediatric emergency near you. Blood banking services ensure that the donated blood or blood products are safe to be used on the patients for blood transfusions or any other medical procedures. It includes testing the blood for infectious diseases, typing the blood for transfusion, etc. There are certain standard tests that are performed in a lab after the blood has been donated including the following: 1. Typing - Blood type (ABO group) 2. Rh typing - negative or positive antigen 3. Screening to check for past and current infections, including: 1. Chagas disease 2. Hepatitis viruses B and C 3. Human T-lymphotropic viruses (HTLV) I and II 4. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 5. West Nile virus 6. Syphilis 4. Screening to check for unexpected red blood cell antibodies that might cause problems to the recipient. 5. Irradiation is performed on the blood cells for disabling the T-lymphocytes that might be present in the blood. If this is not done, then the transfused T-

lymphocytes can cause a reaction. They can even lead to graft-versus-host problems with frequent exposure to foreign cells. 6. Leukocyte-reduced blood is filtered for removing the white blood cells containing antibodies that might cause fever in the patient who is getting the

transfusion. With repeated transfusions, these antibodies can increase the risk of reaction to transfusions in the patient. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we have the best blood bank services in Hyderabad with blood as well as blood components readily available for use. This includes fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrates, saline washed packed blood cells and cryoprecipitate for ensuring that the blood is utilized in the most effective way. There are internal quality parameters set in place. We ensure that our blood bank services abide by international quality standards. Also, we encourage participation in external programs of quality assessment. We have an around-the-clock testing facility. Our laboratory, associated with our blood bank services, is equipped with sophisticated and robust blood analyzers. The hospital ensures consistent quality measures that include stringent blood testing parameters and quality meters to get you the highest quality of blood as well as blood components. If the patient wants their own blood to be available for the surgery, they can discuss with their doctor to determine whether they will be medically able to do this or not. If the pediatric orthopedic surgeon decides that autologous donations are possible, they will receive instructions that must be followed strictly before making the donations. If the patient is not able to donate their blood for themselves and wants one of their family members or a friend to donate their blood as replacement blood, they can do the same in our state-of-the-art Blood bank. Volunteers also donate blood, especially if they are one from a rare blood group. Please remember that blood donation is not harmful or hazardous to you. In fact, it is a healthy habit that can help with blood renewal. The Blood Bank at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital is dedicated to delivering quality blood products and ensuring that the blood transfusion is practiced safely. We have been catering blood bank services for about 20 years and have successfully met the needs of the hospital and our patients. So, if you are in need of blood, contact the Rainbow Rainbow Children’s Hospital

Dr. Mainak Deb

Consultant Pediatric surgeon, Pediatric Urologist and Pediatric Renal Transplant Surgeon

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills