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Benefits of Home Monitoring Package for Pregnant Women

With the need of controlling the spread of COVID-19 among patients and medical personnel, prenatal care has changed from what it used to be. Typically, there are 14 prenatal visits for pregnant women. These visits can be reduced significantly through a home monitoring package for pregnant women in Hyderabad. One of the indispensable tools during the pandemic has been virtual care solutions through telemedicine. Pregnant women can now perform certain monitoring at home such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and contractions. Pregnant women can also get a consultation from home from genetic counselors and endocrinologists. The number of ultrasound appointments can also be reduced without jeopardizing the pregnancy.

What does the home monitoring package provide? Through the home monitoring package, pregnant women get technology-based innovative solutions that allow them to monitor their health remotely. That way, pregnant women can make informed decisions about their well-being. Home monitoring package helps by:

• Increasing virtual and remote access to quality care • Removing any restrictions to quality care • Improving communication between patients and healthcare providers • Providing pregnant women with tools and knowledge for monitoring their health • Helping women across geographical barriers and get sufficient prenatal care even if they have limited access to on-site care

What barriers does home-based care alleviate? A lot of women from urban and rural communities do not have sufficient access to prenatal and postpartum care. When it comes to medical care, they are faced with barriers such as:

• Personal: Work, transportation, childcare, culture, education, and language • Health system: Lack of proper services and limited operation hours • Environmental: Connectivity and location

Presently, the prenatal care paradigm involves 14 visits with the healthcare provider. These visits cover essential medical services such as patient education, risk assessment, and building trust between the patient and the healthcare provider. When women are faced with barriers and cannot visit the best gynecologist near me, they miss out on opportunities to understand their health as well as that of their baby. Not to mention, they also miss out on regular monitoring required during pregnancy.

With remote maternity care being available readily these days, it is a perfect solution to monitor a uterine contraction and the baby’s heart rate at home safely. Pregnant women can use their mobile devices to perform the necessary non-invasive tests in any place at any time. Based on the results of these tests, the doctors take the necessary action if any risk to the life or health of the woman or the baby is noticed. Pregnancy home monitoring allows:

• Healthcare providers to monitor patients between their appointments • Hospital treatment has a shorter time • Thorough monitoring of high-risk pregnancies • Convenient access to the medical data of the patient • Home monitoring can be done at any time • Continuous monitoring of the baby’s health improves safety • 24x7 care provides and increases a sense of comfort and security • Quick response in case of emergency • Even patients have safe and easy access to their medical data

Pregnancy home monitoring benefits
• Tests done at home helps in recognizing risks to the life of the baby earlier. It is a great non-invasive method to monitor the health of the baby in the perinatal period and during pregnancy. Of course, before you opt for remote care, you should consult with the best gynecologist in Hyderabad to get informed on what you should expect.

• With home monitoring, you will be required to perform necessary tests as per the instruction of your doctor at recommended times and intervals and under specific conditions. Such continuous monitoring is typically helpful for women who are of a certain age, have some coexistent illness, or have a history of pregnancy issues. After performing your tests, you receive the result and if there are any irregularities, the medical staff will take the necessary action.

• Home monitoring packages allow for complete care for pregnant women and their babies. Routine care is conducted at recommended times for patients, or if there are any alarming symptoms. This also helps the medical staff take swift action when an emergency occurs. When pregnant women have a sense of safety with their medical care, it has a positive effect on their mental and emotional well-being, which is ultimately the best thing for their pregnancy.

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