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Are You Aware of How Healthy Your Child’s Bladder Is?

Experiencing conditions like bedwetting, incontinence, frequent UTIs, or any bladder-related issues, consult our urology experts! It is easier than before to consult our specialists as we have launched our special Pediatric Bladder Clinic to provide best-in-class bladder care for your child. The clinic is located at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills. Timings are - Wednesdays between 10 am and 1 pm. The clinic aims to streamline care for children with various bladder issues using a holistic approach.

Does your child Need a Bladder Check-up?

Children face a plethora of issues that we may be unaware of. Sometimes we also fail to understand the issues they are facing and how exactly we can cater to them. Choosing the right doctor for your child is also paramount to help them get better faster. If your child is facing bladder issues stemming from Posterior urethral valve sequalae, Spinal dysraphism, voiding dysfunction, congenital bladder issues, and others, take them to a Pediatric Bladder Clinic right away. Children with symptoms of passing urine frequently with urgency, wetting of pants in the daytime or nighttime, repeated urine infections, poor bladder storage – will be evaluated thoroughly through a holistic process. All investigations such as blood tests, ultrasound, MCUG, urodynamics will be done under the roof. Once the child is evaluated a treatment plan will with devised using behaviour therapy, medicines, and surgery when required. At our Pediatric Bladder Clinic in Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills we help relieve the symptoms of the child along with protection of the function of the kidneys and bladder. The treatment is done in conjunction with the pediatric urologist and pediatric nephrologist along with physiotherapist, occupational therapist as required. We have an experienced team that offers unparalleled care to your child. Dr. Harish Jayaram, Pediatric Urologist Dr. Mainak Deb, Pediatric Urologist Dr. Jyoti Bothra, Pediatric Urologist Dr. Lavanya Kannaiyan, Pediatric Urologist Dr. Mukta Waghmare, Pediatric Urologist Dr. Satyaprasad, Pediatric Nephrologist

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Dr. Lavanya Kannaiyan

Pediatric Urologist & Pediatric Surgeon

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills