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Are Covid Vaccines Safe for your Child? Know if you should Get Your Child Vaccinated

Vaccines have revolutionised healthcare, eradicated diseases and reduced infant mortality and increasingly become an important tool in prevention of disease. The instinctive response to vaccine-related misinformation is to provide correct information. The vaccinations approved for kids have been tested diligently for effectiveness and complications. Only after that, it has been approved by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for use on the general public. So, one need not worry about its effectiveness and the complications involved. With the government’s approval to vaccinate against Covid for children between 15 to 18 years, it’s time to get your child vaccinated. Vaccines are the single best way to protect your child against the deadly virus. The risk of an unvaccinated child contracting a disease is much higher than having a vaccine associated adverse event. COVID vaccine side effects the same in children as in adults? Generally, yes. Your child might notice pain at the injection site, and could feel more tired than usual. Headache, muscles or joints pain, and even fever and chills are also possible although in a very few cases. These side effects are usually temporary and generally would be there for 48 hours. Should I consider getting my child vaccinated for COVID-19? Yes. Experts, including those at Rainbow Children’s Hospitals, believe the vaccinations are safe and can be taken. The vaccine helps prevent kids from getting COVID-19. Although Covid is sometimes milder than in adults, some kids infected with the coronavirus can get severe lung infections and become very sick and require hospitalization. This is especially important to remember in light of the delta variant, which is more contagious than other coronavirus variants. The current vaccines are still effective in preventing severe illness from the delta variant. Children can also have complications such as multi-system inflammatory syndrome post infection with Covid in children that may require long-lasting symptoms that affect their health and well-being. The vaccine helps prevent or reduce the spread of the virus. Like adults, children can also transmit the coronavirus to others if they are infected, even when they have no symptoms. Getting the Covid vaccine can protect the child and others, reducing the chance that they transmit the virus to others, including family members and friends who may be more susceptible to severe consequences of the infection. Getting vaccinated for Covid can help stop other variants from emerging. Cases of COVID-19 are increasing among children, and the delta variant appears to be playing a major role. Reducing viral transmission by getting vaccinated also reduces the virus' chance to mutate into new variants that may be even more dangerous. However, the virus can transmit easily between unvaccinated children and adults, giving new variants a chance to emerge. Having your child vaccinated for COVID can help restore a more normal life. Getting vaccinated will also help keep children in school and participating in the things they enjoy. Children exposed to the coronavirus who are vaccinated are less likely to get infected, and so are more likely to be able to continue participating with less disruptions to school attendance and other activities.

Rainbow Children’s Hospitals – Vaccination Drive We at Rainbow Children’s Hospitals care about your child, just like you do and thus have started our vaccination drive for children between 15-18 years old. Your child can walk-in to any of our branches and get vaccinated. What are you waiting for? Book your slot today: Click here.

Dr. Aparna Reddy

Pediatric Pulmonologist

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills