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7 Ways to Make Childbirth the Experience of a Lifetime

Immortalize your labor of love with these golden steps Childbirth is a life-changing experience unique to each woman. As a child is born, so is a mother, and this precious evolution is one that emblazons itself deep inside a collective consciousness that gilds the bond between the mother and the child. Making childbirth a memorable experience involves a host of considerations: personal, environmental and sometimes, incidental. If you’re expecting, planning ahead for your labor can be a rewarding exercise. Here, we outline seven factors you must consider when planning your labor and childbirth.

Involve your partner Having your partner play an equal role before and during childbirth can help you bond and set you up for success in the early days of parenthood. Find a partner-inclusive maternity program that involves both parents in the pregnancy and labor process. This way, you can bring your partner along for prenatal workshops and have them be your biggest champion as you welcome your baby into the world.

Choose an exclusive birthing hospital It’s important to cocoon yourself in a positive and peaceful environment when you’re priming for childbirth. A top labor and delivery hospital is reserved for expectant mothers like you and is free of the disease-ridden air and melancholy atmosphere of traditional hospitals. With a specialized care repertoire, you can look forward to personalized care, hotel-style suites, tailored meals, five-star concierge services and an array of postpartum programs including ongoing lactation support. Looking for a top labor and delivery hospital in Delhi? Think of Rosewalk.

Choose a luxury maternity program A luxury maternity program can cosset you in indulgent prenatal and labor care. Brimful of workshops like prenatal yoga, prenatal nutrition, Lamaze and preparedness for parenthood, along with premium labor services, a luxury maternity program promises you a pregnancy and labor experience like no other. If you’ve been exploring affordable maternity packages in Delhi, we’d be happy to tell you all about the Rosewalk experience. Schedule a visit or call us on 011- 4844 6666 to learn more about our premium birthing packages and luxury birthing suites in Delhi.

Create a birth plan There’s nothing more empowering than taking over the reins of your labor and delivery. Consider how you’d like to deliver, what pain relief measures you’d be comfortable with, whether you’d like to schedule your delivery in advance, and other important details that resonate with you. Then, discuss your plan with your doctor to gauge viability (underlying medical conditions may require specific clinic intervention). This way, you can rest assured that your plan will be honored when it comes time for labor (unless emergency intervention is required).

Prime yourself for childbirth Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and Lamaze are golden tools, which, if practised effectively in advance, can ease the pressure of labor. Seek out tried-and-true prenatal techniques and set up a daily routine. A regular schedule can hone your joints, lighten your muscles and lift your spirits.

Place your trust in a superlative clinical team A brilliant doctor and an excellent clinical support team can effortlessly carry you through pregnancy and labor and give you invaluable peace of mind. An experienced doctor should be your first priority when choosing a hospital.

Bring out the party hats The happy, hazy cloud that descends after childbirth calls for plentiful celebrations. A balloon-festooned car, gender-themed room decorations, special gifts and hampers and complimentary photoshoots are among the many bows in our quiver of celebrations here at Rosewalk Hospital. Keep your celebration checklist at the ready when you’re shortlisting your hospital. Immortalizing your childbirth experience can be the best gift you can give yourself and your child. And by planning ahead, you can be sure to make it count and have memorable moments to look back on. At Rosewalk Hospital, our maternity packages are rooted in affordable luxury, and tailored for discerning, deserving mothers. Looking for a top labor and delivery hospital? At Rosewalk, we have you covered. With our array of affordable maternity packages in Delhi, we promise you the experience of a lifetime.


Dr. Shelly Singh

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Panchsheel Park