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7 Easy Tips for a Normal Delivery

If you’ve been hoping for a natural labor and delivery, trust these tips to show you the way The thought of a grueling labor can dampen any mother’s dream of a natural delivery. And while an array of factors can affect how your labor plays out, here are some things you can do to help ease the process.

1. Empower yourself By learning about labor and childbirth, you can be confident about creating your own birth plan, managing labor on your own terms, and preempting possible interventions if labor doesn’t progress the way it should. Being mentally ready for labor is half your battle won.

2. Select a hospital that upholds natural birthing values How you bring your child into the world is as much a reflection of your healthcare provider as it is of your body. A hospital that embraces natural birthing can be life-changing, and it’s best to ask all your questions in advance, to get the lay of the land with your shortlisted choices. What are the vaginal birthing rates? What are the typical interventions during labor? How often and when are they used? What constitutes normal delivery labor rooms? Equally, are there luxury rooms for delivery?

3. Prioritize your health Your baby is entirely reliant on you for nutrients, warmth and comfort, so by keeping yourself healthy, you can keep your baby healthy too. Be regular with your prenatal checkups, seek out structured nutrition plans, and exercise regularly (with your doctor’s nod). These can help you build your strength and stamina as you prime yourself for labor. Also, secure your mental health by cocooning yourself in an uplifting environment and rooting yourself in calmness.

4. Be on the move Pregnancy is a great excuse to sit back and relax with your baby bump for a table, but insufficient movement can do more harm than good. Too much sitting can hamper your posture and hinder your baby from moving into the right position for birth. Moving frequently with such exercises as walking, light aerobics, swimming and prenatal yoga can help your baby find their way to a suitable position in your womb.

5. Chalk out a birth plan An obstetrician who respects your choices can be a win in the delivery room. Consider how you want to birth your child, whether you want pain medication, what role your partner will play, and other details you deem important during labor. Have a discussion with your specialist well in advance to make sure that your team is well-prepared when you go into labor.

6. Don’t rush to the hospital The first sensations of labor can be exhilarating, but there’s no sense in rushing to the hospital too early. By doing so, you’re only inviting interventions, which could slow your labor down and increase your chances of an alternative means of birthing. Ask your obstetrician what signs to watch for and how many hours past your first contraction you should ideally leave for the hospital.

7. Have faith in your body As a woman, you’re made for magic. Your body is inherently designed to birth life, and will do so, when the time comes. Trust it wholeheartedly and listen to its cues.

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Dr. Helai Gupta

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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