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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Scheduling Pediatric Surgery During the Pandemic

Worried about exposing your child? Here’s what you need to know The pandemic has forced many families to keep momentous plans on the back burner in a bid to stay safe. But when it comes to surgery for your child, putting off a procedure might do more harm than good. If you’re worried about the exposure, keeping this checklist of considerations, handy might help allay your fears. Is the surgery essential? While some surgeries might be deemed essential from a medical standpoint, others might not. If you are opting for an elective or non-essential medical, surgical or dental procedure for your child, pay heed to your hospital of choice. In the current climate, as healthcare workers brave the front line, the stakes are high, with hospital beds and personal protective equipment (PPE) of multispeciality hospitals running in short supply. By choosing an exclusive children’s hospital for your child, you can rest assured that they will receive the specialized care they need in a safe and sanitized environment. Does the hospital have a stringent safety paradigm? Is there around-the-clock sanitization? Are the staff outfitted in PPE kits? Is there a temperature check for all incoming visitors? Is there an entry restriction in the pediatric surgery ward? Asking questions that matter can throw vital light on the commitment of a hospital towards safety. Does the hospital have a COVID-19 ward? If so, think again. By opting to go with a hospital that treats COVID-19 patients and pediatric surgery patients under the same roof, you’re increasing the risk of exposure to your child. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we are committed to minimizing infection spread at our facilities. This is why our hospitals do not have a COVID-19 treatment wing and are dedicated exclusively to pediatric specialties. Are parents and caregivers allowed inside? Pandemic or no pandemic, you will serve as your child’s biggest support before and after surgery. In light of COVID-19, many hospitals are limiting guest entries. Ask your hospital how many visitors are allowed inside at a time. If there’s a restriction on the number, plan how to alternate shifts with your partner beforehand. Keeping your child mentally prepared for limited visitors can also help. What is the recovery and follow-up care protocol? After your child’s surgery, you might be required to consult your pediatric neurosurgeon or specialist over the course of a few weeks or months until your child shows signs of a full recovery. Find out whether your hospital offers a video consultation facility through which you can complete the follow-up care program (if not completely, at least partially). At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, our video consultation platform, Hello Doctor, bridges the hospital-to-home experience by facilitating remote meetings between pediatric neurosurgeons and patients. To learn more about pandemic-ready pediatric surgery programs at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, head over to the pediatric services page on our website. Seeking out pediatric surgery during COVID-19? Book an appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon at Rainbow Children’s Hospital to learn more about our procedures.


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