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5 Qualities You Should Look For in an Obstetrician

Wondering how to pick the right obstetrician for your pregnancy? Trust this guide to help you out Finding the right obstetrician can be the first step to ensuring a successful pregnancy. But finding one that ticks all your mental check boxes can be an exercise in perseverance. If you’re in the process of selecting an obstetrician, take heart. By keeping these five golden considerations in mind, you can make certain that you’re banking on the right specialist for your pregnancy journey.

1. Access to multispeciality support Your obstetrician is not the only specialist who will play an important role in your pregnancy journey. A radiologist will helm your ultrasounds, an anesthetist will offer pain relief during labor, and, if you’re high-risk, a perinatologist will be called in to provide interventions to minimize your risk. An obstetrician who is underpinned by a trusted team can lend you confidence at every stage and keep you feeling reassured that you’re in the right hands.

2. Assurance of a superlative birthing facility It’s important to remember that choosing your obstetrician often equates to choosing your hospital. Most obstetricians are affiliated to specific birthing facilities, so checking whether a facility meshes with your expectations is a good prerequisite to keep. Also, consider that hospitals in India span a wide spectrum. While some offer basic birthing services, high-end hospitals are armed with top-of-the-line facilities. Ask yourself what you want and what you would like to remember from your birthing experience.

3. Opportunity to create a birth plan A birth plan indicates how you would like to navigate your labor and delivery. What pain relief do you want? How would you like to deliver your baby? What interventions are you okay with? Of course, unforeseen circumstances can often cause your birth plan to be superseded by what’s right in the moment. Discuss your requirements with your doctor beforehand so that your team is at the ready when you reach the hospital. Create your own birth plan at the best hospital for delivery in Delhi

4. High-risk repertoire If you’re over 35, carrying multiples, have pre-existing conditions, or have a history of miscarriages, you may be classified as high-risk. If so, choosing an obstetrician with expertise in high-risk cases can make all the difference. A seasoned specialist will have the wherewithal to support you through your pregnancy and give you the tools and treatment you need.

5. Bedside manner Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster, and you might find yourself worrying about concerns big and small. An obstetrician who communicates concerns thoughtfully and demonstrates empathy can give you much-needed peace of mind. Belly to baby with Rosewalk Hospital

At Rosewalk Hospital, we’ve been consistently rated the best hospital for delivery in Delhi. Our award-winning obstetricians have expertise in managing multiple, geriatric and high-risk pregnancies. Learn more about the best gynecologists in South Delhi on our website, or schedule a consultation at our center. Looking to book the best gynecologist in South Delhi? Click here to book a maternity package at the best hospital for delivery in Delhi.


Dr. Lena Gupta

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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