Our Wellbeing Program is for empowering and supporting you through your pregnancy and nurture a speedy recovery. It is a personalized program that helps you get proper instructions and counseling regarding the different aspects of pregnancy.

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is important to make some lifestyle changes, develop good habits, have a proper diet, and get regular counseling. As a pregnant woman, you should seek all answers to your queries, no matter how small it is. With the Wellbeing Program, Rosewalk luxury hospital will make sure you have access to a consultant who can provide you all the answers.


Regardless of the gynecology issue you are going through, our Wellbeing Program can help in making you fitter, healthier and make a full recovery. The aim of the program is to help you be at the best health through the incorporation of healthy choices such as exercise, sleep, stress management, and healthy eating. Also, with services like Radiology in obstetrics available in the hospital itself, you won’t have to stress about running to different places for your tests. We are definitely the best hospital for delivering baby.

General Health

At Rosewalk, which is a luxury maternity hospital in Delhi, you will have one-on-one sessions providing specialized support for any issue that you might be facing including symptoms of trauma, insomnia, and chronic pain. Through this additional support and customized treatment plan, you will be able to make a complete recovery.