Operation Theatres

Rosewalk hospital has two state-of-the-art modular Operation Theatres with the laminar flow for maximum sterility. We have highly advanced and equipped OTs that will ensure the patient’s safety.

Labor Delivery Rooms

We offer the best luxury rooms for delivery. Two labor delivery rooms designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment. This room is used during the labor, birth, and the initial recovery hours. It can handle the cases of normal as well as epidural delivery.

Intensive Care Unit

Fully equipped neonatal and adult intensive care units staffed 24/7 by expert doctors and nurses that admit patients who are critically unwell and are in need of immediate medical care.

Radiology & Laboratory

In-house diagnostics suite, including 4D ultrasound imaging, pathology laboratory, and using radiology in obstetrics that helps our doctors get more insight into the condition and provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Blood Storage

Onsite blood storage facility to support our surgical teams with readily available blood 24/7. Rosewalk collects blood from replacement donors and voluntary people only. Also, we have strict selection criteria to ensure good quality blood and good health to the donor.

Consultation Status

Rosewalk is a luxury hospital in Delhi. It has comfortable consultation chambers with high-end patient examination couches. The doctors will examine you and provide a customized treatment plan. We ensure that our patients receive the most comfortable and high-end services in South Delhi with the help of our luxury birthing suites.


Observation Bay is our 24*7 Consultant-led Emergency equipped to handle all Maternal emergencies. All the patients are monitored closely and continuously for vital signs such as pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen concentration, etc. Once the patient is clinically stable, they are transferred to their requested wards.