Specialty Clinics for Women By Birthright

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Personalized & Collaborative Care

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals offers a complete range of health care services specifically designed for women at clinics conveniently located in the neighbourhood. We offer a wide range of clinics addressing specific women’s health issues and needs.


Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy

We provide routine gynecology, reproductive health services, post-menopausal health monitoring, non-surgical and surgical treatment, including minimally invasive surgery, for a range of gynecological and reproductive health issues, including pelvic floor and other urogynecology conditions.

Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy

Our physicians, surgeons, nurses and allied staff are specialists in women’s health, and provide a personalized treatment plan focusing on appropriate diagnosis and therapeutic approaches so that you can reach your goal of achieving optimal health and well-being.

Physical Activity Keeps Kids Healthy

We believe it is important for you to understand your condition correctly. We provide you with factual information about your condition and encourage open communication so that you can alleviate all your concerns. Together we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that provides you with the best possible outcomes.


PCOD Clinic

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common conditions plaguing women these days. It affects a woman's ovary functions and hormone, which may lead to irregular menstrual cycles, weight issues, acne and more. There's no test to definitive diagnosis or treatment of PCOS. However, an experience gynecologist will discuss your symptoms and may recommend a pelvic exam, ultrasound and blood tests. Based on reports additional screenings may be required. PCOS treatment focuses on managing individual concerns, such as infertility, hirsutism, acne or obesity. Specific treatment might involve lifestyle changes or medication.

Menopause Clinic

Menopause is a natural biological progression in a women’s life, which marks the end of her menstrual cycle. Most women hit menopause between in their late 40s or 50s. The body undergoes lots of hormonal changes and can be a stressful period for many women. Physical symptoms like hot flashes may also be coupled with emotional symptoms difficult to cope with. Consulting a gynaecologist can open window to effective treatments, from lifestyle adjustments to hormone therapy.

Abnormal Bleeding Clinic

Abnormal uterine bleeding refers to the excessive (heavy) bleeding during periods. This may be due to several underlying factors such as hormonal changes, fibroids, PCOS, early pregnancy etc.

Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), bleeding at unusual times (between periods, after sex, during menopause), unusually long periods (seven days or longer) or inconsistent menstrual cycles is all discussed under the clinic. Investigation, diagnosis and ambulatory medical and surgical care is provided to women with abnormal uterine bleeding.

Preventive Cancer Screening Clinic

The incidence of cancer is steadily increasing and over the past two decades the incidence of common cancers, among which is cervix and breast cancers has doubled. These cancers are fortunately more amenable to prevention and control through early detection. Thus, the clinic focuses on early detection and intervention. We have the following services available under preventive cancer screening clinic.

Cancer screening services - Breast
  • Clinical Breast Examination for all women
  • Mammogram and Ultrasound breast as required
  • Breast Self-Examination Demonstration
Cancer Screening Services - Uterine cervix
  • Pap Smear for all married women
  • Treatment for pre-invasive cancers - Cryo, Leep, Cone biopsy, etc.
HPV DNA Testing
  • The test to detect HPV DNA is approved as a primary screening tool for and along with Pap-smear has an improved outcome.
  • Evaluation of Postmenopausal bleeding

Family Planning Clinic

Family planning is a very intimate and personal discussion between partners, however, in order to make informed decision both the parties sometimes need medical support. The family planning clinic helps women (and their partners) to have a better control over their reproductive health. This is done through ways of counselling on family planning and contraceptive options, keeping in consideration the patient’s current phase. Late pregnancy, postpartum and post-abortion periods are other topics touched upon.

Adolescent Gynecology Clinic

A teenage girl goes through tremendous physical and psychological transformation during the puberty phase. The gynaecologic problems of younger females need special expertise. Adolescent Gynecology Clinic focuses on addressing those issues and providing counselling and treatment services for the same.

Some of the major problems we deal with include:
  • Amenorrhea (when there is no menstrual cycle).
  • Chronic vaginal discharge.
  • Congenital anomalies of the reproductive tract.
  • Heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding.
  • Hirsutism.
  • Labial agglutination.
  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Vaginal infections.
  • Vulvar problems

Fibroid Clinic

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. Most women have uterine fibroids at some stage of their lives. But they remain often undiagnosed as they often present with no symptoms. But, symptoms like pelvic pain which doesn't go away, overly heavy, prolonged or painful periods, spotting or bleeding between periods, difficulty emptying bladder, unexplained low red blood cell count (anemia) are indications that should prompt one to see a doctor for fibroid. Based on your symptoms the gynaecologist will suggest some test (imaging tests as well). There's not one specific uterine fibroid treatment; multiple options exist. Based on individual case, doctor decides on the treatment option.