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About Service
  • Sperms that appear to be superficially normal at ICSI magnification (400 times) may have defects in the head or surface and prevent penetration of the egg by the sperm. These defects cause fertilisation failures leading to IVF failures. IMSI magnifies sperms by 8000 times and based on motile sperm organellar morphology examination (MSOME), it enables recognition of subtle imperfections in sperms such as the acrosome, mitochondria and nucleus.

    With this technology, morphologically normal sperms can selected for IVF or the ICSI procedures. This technique has been shown to increase pregnancy and reduce implantation failures compared to conventional IVF and ICSI. (Berkovitz et al 2006 & 2005: Bartoov et al2003)

    Rainbow Fertility Center takes the lead in using this most innovative technique, becoming the first centre in Andhra Pradesh to introduce this technology.