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Thank you very much for providing your valuable feedback. Your positive feedback & appreciation always motivates & inspires us to work harder and give you the best treatment that you truly deserves to come back into good health. Presented below are some of the testimonials, from the hundreds that we receive every month. Do keep them coming in!

    • Dear Dr. Ratna, It is dreams come true for us. But that is because of you, it became a life time memory for us. You have lots of patients but what makes you special is that you have a lot of patience. ‘Thank you for bringing me into this world and making me born to this wonderful couple’ yours newborn baby. Thank you for helping us in bringing our precious baby into the world. You are the best doctor in our lives because you have given us the reason to smile. 9 months of my pregnancy journey under your medical supervision and thanks for making this journey a dream come true. Our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for all the love, support, care and of course for our baby. Thank you so much. Beacause of you Ratna Madam, we now have a bundle of joy, safely and healthily delivered happiness in the world. From the parents and the newborn