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Neonatology Services in Bangalore



The Department of Neonatology at Rainbow Hospitals, Bangalore, provides specialized care to new born babies with critical health issues. The department houses some of the best critical care diagnostic and treatment facilities; as well as being staffed with critical care experts to ensure quality and timely care.

  • Rainbow’s Neonatology Department is one of the finest in the country with several accolades & achievements to its name. One of the earliest born babies in the country, at just 25 weeks of gestation, was tendered to at Rainbow’s Neonatology Department.

    Clinical Expertise

    Managed & staffed with the most highly qualified and skilled team of senior consultants, the team at the Neonatology department are available round-the-clock to provide the highest standards of critical care to your children. Comprising of paediatric physician specialists in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, Neurology, Nephrology, and Neurosurgery amongst others, the Department provides the most comprehensive critical care services.

    The physicians, nurses and allied medical care professionals are experienced personnel with extensive knowledge, skills and expertise to treat neonates for the best outcomes possible from critical illness or injury. The department employs state-of-the-art technology to augment their efforts. The departments also provides comprehensive follow-up care plan to help families with the challenges of caring for a high-risk new-born and offer special follow-up care.

    Additionally, a team of social workers, clinical dieticians, occupational and physical therapists are also available to cater to the neonates while experienced nurses offer unmatched support & care!


    The Neonatology Department at Rainbow Hospitals is fully equipped to with a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the critical care required by extremely premature and very low birth weight babies. The facilities available include:

    • Advanced incubators and warmers
    • Invasive and invasive ventilation
    • Multi parameter monitors
    • Total Parenteral Nutrition
    • LED phototherapy units
    • 24 hours portable X Ray and Ultrasound
    • 24 hours emergency neonatal transport facilities
    • Dedicated advanced neonatal ventilators
    • High frequency ventilators and transport ventilators
    • India’s highest number of neonatal road transport
    • Expert neonatal surgical unit with highest number of laparoscopic surgery
    • Availability of all in house specialties care such as paediatric neurology, cardiology, paediatric nephrology, metabolic and genetics specialist
    • Well organized neonatal neurodevelopment follow-up care
    • Trained and dedicated nursing staff

    Allied Specialities

    The Neonatology Department at Rainbow Hospitals works closely with various sub-specialities such as

    Paediatric Neurology

    This speciality provides acute critical care for children with complex neurological problems. State-of-the-art facilities for neurological patients,such as Intra cranial pressure monitoring and continuous video EEG monitoring, ensure the highest standards of care while a team of highly qualified Paediatric Neurologists and Neurosurgeons work round-the-clock to meet all contingencies.

    Paediatric Nephrology

    Kidney related problems are often detected in children in critical condition. At times, children develop serious kidney disorders requiring advanced medical intervention. Rainbow’s Paediatric Nephrology department seeks to provide the best care to all nephrology conditions.

    Paediatric Surgery

    Rainbow Hospitals houses a dedicated team of expert paediatric surgeons alongside paediatric anaesthesiologists and intensivists to undertake complex surgeries. Surgeries are required for a wide range of conditions and Rainbow offers specialized surgical and post-surgical care.

    Paediatric Emergency Transport

    Transportation of critically ill children requires specialized vehicles & facilities. Rainbow Hospitals provides transport that includes mechanical ventilation, temperature regulation and vital functions monitoring to ensure that critically ill children receive the first level of intervention enroute to the hospital.

    Milestones & Achievements

    Rainbow Hospitals has pioneered various critical care treatments for children, alongside being the pioneer for various others. Some of the finest achievements at Rainbow Hospitals Group across various cities have been enumerated below:

    • Nearly 3000+ preterm babies have been treated at Rainbow with a survival rate of 96%.
    • Around 1250+ preterm babies with less than 1500 grams birth weight have been treated with a survival rate of 94%. Our success rate for babies in the 1000 to 1500 grams group aggregates to 96.5%.
    • More than 200 neonates with birth weight 1000 grams have survived, which is highest in the country.
    • India’s smallest survived baby, born at 25 weeks gestation with 449 grams birth weight is now healthy and growing well.
    • Almost 1050 neonateswent through ventilation in the last five years with a survival rate of 86%.
    • Nitric Oxide treatment for persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN) is now available at Rainbow Hospitals
    • Rainbow offers the largest series of paediatric patients receiving High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in India.
    • Rainbow records approximately 15000 inpatient admissions each year and around 1200 neonates and children are ventilated annually across the three branches.
    • We have robust academic programs in place for training of Neonatal Fellows and DNB (Paediatrics) doctors.
    • Our state-of-the-art video conferencing and online library facilities contribute immensely for research and education.

    Rainbow’s Emergency and transport team conducts around 3000 transports every year and covers around 500 km of radius.

  • What is the neonatal intensive care unit?

    The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) intensive medical care to new born babies with specialized skills & advanced technology. Employed highly trained medical staff, NICU tends to critically unwell children.

    What to expect when your child is admitted in our NICU?

    When your new-born needs special care you want it to be in the best hands and receive the best care possible. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bangalore we understand how very taxing it will be for you to see your new born admitted in the hospital. We provide a very personalized supportive care in the best technologically advanced environment. Regularly speak to your treating consultant and stay abreast on the status of your child. Follow the instructions of the nurse while handling the baby; and take regular inputs on your child’s feeding requirements

    Which factors are responsible for a baby being at high risk?

    Various factors can contribute to the critical condition of the baby, some of the conditions include:

    1. Maternal Factors
      1. Younger than 16 or older than 40
      2. Mother suffering from Diabetes or High Blood Pressure
      3. Bleeding
      4. Sexually transmitted diseases
      5. Multiple children in the womb
      6. Excess or deficiency of amniotic fluid
      7. Premature rupture of membranes
    2. Delivery factors
      1. Lack of oxygen to the baby causing foetal distress
      2. Entangling of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck
      3. Abnormal delivery presentations
    3. Baby factors
      1. Premature birth at a gestational age of less than 37 weeks
      2. Delayed birth at a gestational age of more than 42 weeks
      3. Excess or deficient birth weight
      4. Medication or resuscitation in the delivery room
      5. Birth defects
      6. Respiratory defects
      7. Seizures
      8. Low blood sugar
      9. Requirement of extra oxygen or monitoring, intravenous therapy, or medications
      10. Special treatment or procedures such as a blood transfusion

    When my baby is admitted in the NICU, how will I know what is happening and how can I reach the Neonatologist?

    We encourage parents to be present during rounds whenever required so that the doctor can explain the treatment that is being given. One of our physicians or nurses will always give you a daily update about your baby’s health even otherwise. If you would like to speak specifically to the Neonatologist you can request the nurse to inform the Neonatologist and schedule a meeting.