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General Pediatrics


General Pediatrics

Rainbow Hospitals’ – Department of General Paediatrics strives to provide quality healthcare to the little ones. The department is one of the largest in the Hospital and is committed to clinical care, administration and quality management.

Improvement of the quality & administration of child healthcare by offering world class diagnostic and treatment facilities is at the heart of the functioning of the department. Our paediatricians are well equipped to diagnose and treat simple and common, everyday illness as well as complex diseases.

  • The Department of General Paediatrics ensures the best care for your child with steadfast dedication, unwavering care and world class expertise. Children with a wide array of routine health concerns are admitted under the care of this department. Staffed by some of the leading experts in the field – the department offers comprehensive in-patient and out-patient services.

    Our Clinical Expertise

    Trained in general paediatrics, doctors are skilled & experienced to handle all health concerns of children from birth, through adolescence to the age of 18. Our paediatricians and all supporting staff members of the Pediatric care team are experts in the special needs of kids. However, from time-to-time doctors work with various specialities on a case-to-case basis to ensure that children receive timely intervention and specialized care.

    Our General Pediatric Services

    Some of the General Pediatric services offered at the hospital includes: New born care, General Health check-up, Immunization (Vaccination), Preventive Care, Suture/Laceration, Acute Injury and Illness Care, Counselling of Parents, Allergy, Adolescent care, Bedwetting, Behavioural Problems, Birth defects, Childhood weight management, Childhood infections, Flu, etc. We understand that Pediatric care is just not about treating  — it means providing answers and guidance throughout your child’s growth. That’s why we strive to build lasting, long-term relationships with parents so they can raise safe, healthy kids.

    Our Experience

    The Department of General Paediatrics at Rainbow Children’s Hospital Group across other cities has remained steadfast in being the best Child Health Facility across the Indian sub-continent. They are also involved in the teaching & training of post-graduate students & fellows – raising a new generation of world-class paediatricians & child health specialists.

  • My child has cold (has running nose, chest congestion, cough, phlegm, fever) what should I do?

    Common cold is very common and affects children and adults of all ages. It is caused by a virus and the symptoms include runny nose, cough, phlegm, chest congestion and fever.  In most cases, common cold can be handled at home using supportive care such as

    • Encouraging fluid intake to stay hydrated.
    • Steam inhalation
    • Use of nasal drop if the nose is completely blocked

    But if the child has high fever, severe congestion and cough, has difficulty in breathing, it is better to consult a Pediatrician.

    If my child is admitted in the hospital, what kind of care does my child receive?

    The Department of General Pediatrics works in partnership with our entire Pediatric specialists’ team who work closely in the diagnosis of acute or chronic diseases and plan treatment procedures. If your child requires admission, your doctor will provide necessary guidance and information about the procedure and ensure that all your questions are answered and give you the confidence that your child is in under the best care.

    How much does it cost to have my child admitted in the Hospital?

    For Patients having TPA: The evaluations and medical care provided to your child during hospitalization will be billed to your insurance company in the usual manner depending the type of cover you are entitled to, the TPA desk executives/MOD at the hospital would be available to answer your queries related to this. For Patient not availing TPA cover; the financial counsellor/MOD at the time of admission intimation would brief the approximate expenses.

    What if my child requires a specialty opinion/consultation before finalizing on a treatment method?

    Rainbow offers the entire range of Pediatric tertiary care facilities employing state of the art diagnostic and treatment procedures. The doctors of this hospital are some of the best, trained in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia with outstanding experience. The facility is fully equipped to provide primary, secondary and tertiary Pediatric care in major Pediatric specialties like –Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care, Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Hematology and Oncology, Surgery, Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Nutrition, Psychiatry, Orthodontics, etc and is ably supported by highly trained paramedical staff and nurses.

  • Dr. Kavitha Bhat M.D Pediatrics, Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology (USA)
    Consultant Pediatrician & Pediatric Endocrinologist
    LOCATIONS Rainbow Children’s Hospital– Marathahalli – Bangalore