The Wait Is Over. Almost

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Third Trimester - 182- 280 Days

The Third Trimester Stage| 194 to 270 Days

The Wait Is Over. Almost

The Third Trimester | 194 to 270 Days

You've been pregnant for six months and your baby has been growing within you for the same period of time. You are almost wishing the little one pops out soon enough, but there's a whole trimester to go!

For the Mother

"By the time the third trimester comes along, you're just about ready for the final countdown. Your baby bump is no longer conspicuous and you're feet are swollen. You will begin to feel a little more fatigued as you begin work on the little one's nursery. Shopping to the tiny one's first clothes and setting up the cradle can be an exciting phase for the parents-to-be. "

Just as you get closer to the D-Day, the risks and complications could escalate as well. Being frequently in touch with your gynecologist helps and attending Lamaze classes is also recommended.

For the Baby

"It's the third trimester and the baby inside you is as ready as you are to come into a whole new world. The bones begin to develop in the third trimester and extra calcium diet for you is thus recommended. The baby will have the final round of scans and set course to nestle in the arms of mamma soon enough."

Services Available at Birthright for the Third Trimester

  • Pre-labor & delivery counselling
  • Pain relief in labor explained
  • Breastfeeding preparation