Let's Grow Together

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Second Trimester - 91- 182 Days

The Second Trimester Stage | 81 to 193 Days

Let's Grow Together

The Second Trimester | 81 to 193 Days

The second trimester is when the baby begins to grow in earnest with vital organs like heart, brain beginning to take shape. You can now begin to feel the little one inside you, oftentimes kicking.

For the Mother

"In the second trimester is the growth trimester with the child busy growing inside you! You begin to feel the weight of pregnancy in this trimester the appetite returns to a more normal level, which is comforting but the weight of the baby begins to show. This will result in physical changes in your own body. The most noticeable feature of this phase is your visible and growing baby bump."

It is important to have a nutritious and balanced diet during this phase. The growing baby within you, needs all the nourishment it can get. Also, it is good to embark on a light exercise regimen to start preparing yourself for the rigors of labor and childbirth.

For the Baby

"The second trimester is a busy one of your little one. There is so much growing to do but so little time on hand. The baby will kick once in a while, and there can be nothing more joyous for the parents. The baby will experience more ultrasound scans to keep a tab on its development while the parents anxiously await the arrival of the little one."

Services Available at Birthright for the Second Trimester

  • Ultrasound Scan
  • Guidance on how to handle emergencies
  • Breathing & relaxation classes