Comprehensive & Specialized Care for the Mother & Child at Birthright By Rainbow Hospitals

We believe that a Children's Hospital is where a child should be born. During our two decades of service in the filed of childcare, we have gathered first-hand knowledge on the significance of the first 1000 days of life. That is why we at Rainbow Children's Hospital and BirthRight conceptualized the 1000-day program to spread awareness and asssit mothers-to-be in bringing up a generation of healthy children.

Birthright by Rainbow

Birthright by

For the best Birthing Experience

With a keen understanding of fetus, fetal science and the babys psychology, BirthRight our birthing division provides a kind of comfort that is closest to that of a womb. It has services ranging from pre-pregnancy counseling to fertility to fetal medicin, with complete prenatal and postnatal care including high-risk deliveries.


8 Steps to Starting a Family

The beginning of parenthood is not an isolated event. It’s a journey that a couple charts over months and years, traversing a number of different stages and steps.

Rainbow Children's Hospital

Rainbow Children's Hospital

For Unparalleled Child Care

Rainbow Children's Hosptial was established in 1999 with the aim to provide high standards of care for the mother and the child, across all stages of pregnancy till the child turns 18. Today, Rainbow is the largest children's multispeciality hospital in the country and has nurtured generations of happy children.


A 1000 Days - A Million Things

From conception to toddlerhood, in the space of a 1000 days your child, and you, undergo a tremendous transformation both physically and mentally. At Rainbow will help you traverse this exciting phase with the best care possible.

The Pregnancy Phase - BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals

The Pregnancy Phase

From the moment your child is conceived to realizing you are pregnant and to finally being ready to deliver the little bundle of joy!

The Delivery Phase - BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals

The Delivery Phase

From moving into labor and finally holding the baby in your arms - a culmination of all the months of pregnancy, the endless hours of labor!

Growing Phase of Baby at Rainbow Hospitals

The Growing Phase

From a new born to an infant to a toddler on the run & up to mischief - your little child grows every day and every moment, bit by bit!

With You in Every Moment of the 1000 Days

When unparalleled expertise in birthing services, complete multidimensional child care and advanced technology meet under one roof, you can be rest assured that your little one will have the best 1000-days start to his or her life.

The First Trimester | 1 to 80 Days

From "I" to "WE"

The First Trimester | 1 to 80 Days

From the moment you realize you've conceived, you embark upon an exciting new phase in your life. The very thought that a young one is shaping inside you is both exhilarating and somewhat daunting.

Let's Grow Together

The Second Trimester | 81 to 193 Days

The second trimester is when the baby begins to grow in earnest with vital organs like heart, brain beginning to take shape. You can now begin to feel the little one inside you, oftentimes kicking.

The Second Trimester | 81 to 193 Days

The Wait Is Over. Almost

The Third Trimester | 194 to 270 Days

You've been pregnant for six months and your baby has been growing within you for the same period of time. You are almost wishing the little one comes out soon enough, but there's a whole trimester to go!

Welcome to this World, Little Treasure

The Delivery | D-Day

Nine months of pregnancy and countless hours of labor later comes out the bundle of joy that you've been waiting forever. In a wail of cries, the baby brings with itself a lifetime full of joy and togetherness.

The Delivery Day - BirthRight Hospital
Precious Neonatal Period | 0 to 1 Month

New World. New Start.

Precious Neonatal Period | 0 to 1 Month

After nine months of growing inside the mother's womb, the clocks are reset to zero as the child begins a whole new, exciting phase in its life. The first month is crucial in the baby's growth and so it is for the parents.

Mamma Knows Best

Fascinating Infancy | 2 to 9 Months

The crucial first month is behind you and the child has well adapted to the new environs around it. The little one will now embark, once again, on a growing spree that takes him from an infant to toddler.

Fascinating Infancy | 2 to 9 Months
Tender Toddlerhood | 1 to 2 Years

My World Grows With Me

Tender Toddlerhood | 1 to 2 Years

Almost 2 years from the time of conception, your little one is finally on its own feet charting out a course for itself in the world. It must have taken its first steps and spoken the first words leaving in aww to sit back and watch it grow!

“1000 Days - It's not just an arbitrary number. They are the most important days of your child's conception, and growth. 1000 days of care - A lifetime of good health and happiness.”

One-Stop Destination for Perinatal and Maternity Care

At BirthRight by Rainbow we share your joy of parenthood and understand that from the moment you find out you are pregnant your life is transformed. We recognize that childbirth is one of life's major events, sometimes complicated, but mostly a natural process involving intense emotions and physical experiences; an event which profoundly changes people's lives, and which can, and should be, very fulfilling for both the mother and father.

  • Fetal Medicine at BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals


    Providing the best pregnancy care for a wide range of complex pregnancy and fetus related complications.

  • High Risk Pregnancy Care at BirthRight By Rainbow


    Providing exceptional care and expert handling of high risk pregnancies by multi-disciplinary delivery teams.

  • Best Gynecologist at BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals


    Providing comprehensive gynecology care and service for the complete spectrum of women health services.

  • Painless Delivery at BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals


    Providing advanced pain-relief by epidural analgesia and other unique methods for painless and safe delivery.

  • New Baby Care at Rainbow Hospitals


    Providing newborn babies the best and advanced treatment for complex neonatal problems and emergencies.

  • Fertility Treatment at BirthRight Hospital


    Providing the most advanced and result-oriented fertility treatments and helping couples conceive using IVF, ICSI.

All Pediatric Superspecialties Under One Roof

Pediatricians are not mere doctors – they are trusted partners in your child’s health. At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we put ourselves in the shoes of the parents and endeavor primarily for children’s healthcare. Your child’s good health, well-being and happiness are our priority. Find a home away from home and a family in the care we shower at Rainbow.

Pediatric Surgery at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides advanced laparoscopic & conventional surgical care for children with birth defects & anomalies.

Pediatric Neurology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides the best treatment and care for children with neurological disorders, seizures and brain infections.

Pediatric Endocrinology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides the best treatment for children suffering from with kidney ailments, urinary infections & renal failure.

Pediatric Rheumatology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides advanced treatment procedures for children suffering from diseases of the muscles and ligaments.

Pediatric Neurology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides integrated and holistic approach to musculoskeletal disorders and ortho problems in children.


Provides personalized treatment and care for children suffering from hormonal disorders, such as diabetes.

Pediatric Endocrinology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides clinical and surgical care for children suffering from gastroenterological, liver and pancreatic diseases.

Pediatric Gasteroenterlogy at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides comprehensive care and treatment for children suffering from respiratory allergies and asthma attacks.

Pediatric Pulmonology at Rainbow Hospitals


Provides advanced treatment & care for children suffering from blood disorders and childhood cancers.

Pediatric Oncology at Rainbow Hospitals


Full fledged services in the field of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy.

Pediatric Surgery  at Rainbow Hospitals


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