Mamma Knows Best

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Fascinating Infancy - 2- 9 months

Mamma Knows Best

Fascinating Infancy | 2 to 9 Months

The crucial first month is behind you and the child has well adapted to the new environs around it. The little one will now embark, once again, on a growing spree that takes him from an infant to toddler.

For the Mother

"Pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal phase - you've weathered it all and now you can watch your little one grow into a beautiful, healthy baby. The baby will begin to roll its head, try to lift its head, crawl to you and ask to be picked up. You will look at the silly smiles and feel a knot in your throat, and wait to hear him or her call you 'mamma' for the very first time."

Also, in this phase the little one will solely depend on you to make all the choices for him. From the new food it will taste to the new clothes it will wear, for just about everything - the little one will have a simple solution - 'mamma knows best.' On your part you will need to ensure the child receives all the vaccinations and has regular check-up with the pediatrician to keep up with the developmental goals.

For the Baby

"A whole new world and you've spent a month in here, its now time to get exploring with new kinds of food, fashion and friends. The baby will embark on series of firsts - from the first crawl to first walk to first talk and first of everything. The baby will also get ready to taste solid food for the first time and you can take the first ones towards weaning him away from breast milk."

Services Available at Rainbow Children's Hospital for the Infancy Period

  • Developmental Checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Weaning Advice